⚔ Battle of MultiWorld Metaverse Introduction ⚔

From the beginning of universal existence, there was a war between the Universe Creators and the ancient Monster who are known as the Multiverse Bosses. The Universe Creators won the war and sealed all the Monsters. They then used the five elements which are Metal — Wood — Water — Fire — Earth to create the worlds as we can see in Multiverse in the gameplay. The Creators went hidden in the shadows for self-training and left all the worlds to develop by themselves. There, lives started to begin. Rumour has it that whoever owns all five elements will gain ultimate dominance and power among the multiverse and be able to unify the five worlds. This had triggered war among the multiverse. In the meantime, there is also a threat from the Multiverse Bosses, who whenever woke up will bring chaos to the existing worlds, so the multiverse had to ally to defeat and reseal them. Your urgent mission now is to obtain five elements and fight against the Bosses, by which you can earn multiple items and rewards along the journey to multiverse hegemony. The game includes 5 different worlds: Earth — Human world, Atlantis — Marine world, Underworld — Hell, Olympus — Heaven and Outside World. You can choose only one world to join. The world in which you belongs to will have its own system of characters, monsters, skills and items that are designed for conquering other worlds.

Based on the storyline, we want to create a metaverse, where our player can join the fierce battles among multiword.

Our vision is to build a NFT game on Binance Smart Chain in which supports players in controlling their digital property to join the game. Players can use their characters to defeat Monsters in their world, compete in PvP mode, take part in conquering the other worlds and join different tournaments. Players receive rewards as BMW tokens in these play modes. In addition, players can own a range of items in the game by shopping in BMW’s marketplace or collecting while defeating Monsters. All the NFTs in the game use Standard ERC-721 which allows free exchange in the normal NFT market.

Our mission is to create a fair and transparent metaverse where players can both enjoy and make money from their investments. Unlike the other games in the market, our aim for the game is to create a competitive environment which promotes players’ attendance. Players have to join the game very often to develop their strategies as well as experiences. Our priority is for players to stay and gain profits from the game for a long term instead of short term investment. All players or investors can gain profits from taking in any part of the game.

Come to join us !

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Battle of Multiworld

Battle of Multiworld

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