Battle of MultiWorld is an NFT game which is built on Binance Smart Chain platform in which it supports players in controlling their digital property to join the game. Players receive rewards as BMW tokens and exchange items in the shop. All the NFTs in the game use Standard ERC-721 which allows free exchange in the normal NFT market.

The storyline of the game focuses on a war between the Universe Creators and the ancient Monster who are known as the Multiverse Bosses. The Universe Creators won the war and sealed all the Monsters. They then used the five elements which are Metal — Wood — Water — Fire — Earth to create the worlds in Multiverse.

The game play of BMW is diverse with multiple play modes such as PvE, PvP, Raid Boss, Conquest and Tournament features. Players can gain EXP and BMW tokens after each winning battle. They can also trade NFT items with other players in the NFT market with high liquidity.

In the upcoming time, BMW is going to launch IDO on Mochi Lab, one of its strategic partners. Mochi Lab ( is a multi-chain decentralized exchange ecosystem for non-fungible tokens (NFT). Mochi Lab is not only a strategic partner but also an incubator for BMW. Our collaboration includes IDO support, community expansion, cross-staking, cross-marketing and incubator service.

Mochi Lab is an extensive and innovative INO (Initial NFTs Offering) launch pad that provides unique functionality of decentralized exchange ecosystem for NFTs. BMW is going to offer private and public sale on Mochi Lab in the upcoming period. With the collaboration from Mochi Lab, players of BMW can exchange their NFT items more easily with high liquidity.

This December, BMW is also going to launch several events for communities around the globe. The tentative timeline of upcoming events is going to be set as follows:

Dec 19: Whitelist for testnet

Dec 20: Video promotion + Recap

Dec 21: Announce NFT presale

Dec 23: Testnet launching

Dec 24: Whitelist for NFT presale

Dec 27: NFT presale on Mochi

Dec 28: Detail of public sale and private sale release

Dec 28: Whitelist for public sale on

Jan 2: Private sale

Jan 5: Public sale

To take part in all these events and be a part of the BMW community, please join us at:

🌐 Website:

🎯 Twitter:

🗣️ Telegram Announcement :

🔥 Telegram Group:





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Battle of Multiworld

Battle of Multiworld

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